Competitive Teams

At Blount United, we believe in competition.  We believe in having fun, training hard, and then testing ourselves against the best that we can find as often as possible.  It is a pretty simple formula, but it is this commitment to competition while having fun that defines our values and drives our club.

Starting with tryouts in late May, the Club’s competitive season runs from tryouts through the following May.  Technically, the Season as defined by the State runs from August 1 - July 31st, but, it really starts right after tryouts with summer training.  So if you take a spot with one of our teams, you are committing to us and we are committing to you for 1 year of fun, training, and competition. We also understand that sometimes people have other things going on, so if that’s you, just talk to us, and we’ll see what we can make work.  

During that year you can expect to be trained by one of our qualified coaches at least two times per week during the season with friendlies/competitive matches/tournaments on the weekend.  During the season, the Club offers twice weekly skills training (both field and keeper) for all players in the Club.  This is a chance to hone those skills with touches, touches, and touches.  During the Summer months of the season, all Club players train and play for free at least two days per week in our laid-back (yet intentional) Sizzlin’ Summer Soccer training program.  Our Winter months find training and play opportunities in our Winter Futsal Camp.

Teams are offered for all age groups based on birth year in both boys and girls divisions.  

If you’re reading this before tryouts, what are you waiting on?  Get signed up for tryouts and come join the fun.  If it is after and you are still interested, drop us a line here, and we’ll see what opportunities may exist to get you out on the pitch!