Vulcan Fields

Official Home of Blount United Soccer

One of our primary assets at Blount United is that we have exclusive control over our grounds - all 11 acres of them!  And thanks to the tireless work of past Boards and Presidents of the Club, we are on the fast track to having all-grass playing surfaces that are second to none!  Professionally maintained by our friends at Rocky Ridge Lawn Care & Turf Management, we are really proud of our fields! We even have a field lining robot that lines the fields on its own - what a world we live in!

Located in the middle of Maryville, the main Vulcan field address is 1850 South Court Street, Maryville, TN 37803.  We could try to give you directions, but we use landmarks such as “the big oak tree past the cemetery” so it may be easier just to GPS it.  Either way, we hope to see you out there soon. 


We have very close relationships with the programs at our local high schools and at times we utilize the fields located at John Sevier Elementary School and Heritage High School. 

John Sevier Elementary Fields

Heritage High School Fields