Sizzlin' Summer Soccer

Our (free) Sizzlin’ Summer Soccer is based around a couple of the Club’s guiding principles: kids should have as much fun as humanly possible (and they should get a lot of touches while doing it)!!  Is it training?  Yes, of course, but please don’t tell the kids - they think they’re just having fun!

This Summer, in addition to the usual training sessions, we will be having Open Field Fridays a couple of times per month where we open the fields and just let the kids run things.  Small sided games and fun, you won’t find any coaches guiding things on these nights (but yes, we’ll be there to monitor for safety and whatnot).  This is designed to be another chance for kids to play, play, play and just have fun.  

Open to the community at large, grab 4 of your friends and come play some 5 v 5.  We’ll supply the music and the treats!